Allison McElroy


Allison McElroy is an artist who systematically observes the psychological cycle/existence of text– written, found, and published. Personality is based on genetics overlaid by all that we have experienced and through her recent body of text-based artwork McElroy is excavating her personal history for understanding. The work is process based: mantras written and whispered become a material remain of a mental state.

The work consist of mixed media constructs and a collection of the objects themselves frozen in state of decomposition for audience viewing. She has exhibited work in galleries and museums throughout the United States as well as shown internationally.

McElroy has completed artist residencies at The Vermont Studio Center where she received a Fellowship for Artists and Writers and an international graduate school residency in Lacoste, France where her focus of study was On-Site Installation. In Lacoste she was very fortunate to study under visiting artist Jesuit Friedhelm Mennekes.

McElroy holds an MFA degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Jacksonville State University.